About Joseph Maurer

Beyond the lines of code and syntactical sugar endures the true complexity of being a software engineer. The bounds of technology never cease radiating out into every facet of our lives, continually innovating on everyday plights. To be a software engineer today is to be working at the junction of logic and creativity.

During Operating Systems class my Junior year my professor said, "Be the magic" when asked what controls memory allocation to programs. Over the years, that phrase has changed meaning for me. I used to think it meant to code to get the job done. In practice, it means taking the time to see the problem from the client's perspective. How would you want the operating system to handle memory allocation so that it's easier for you to build the cool thing? Perspective is important when solving problems.

In my work, the process of forming these solutions and integrating them into practical applications is the journey. Every project holds these moments of challenge and achievement that inevitability culminates into something bigger than the individual sums.

The work enclosed here tries to depict that journey, and the lessons learned along the way.

Joseph Maurer

~ Software Engineer

~ MBA from University of Nevada, Reno

~ Oregon Tech Alumnus

Work Experience


Senior Software Engineer
January 2024 - Present
Reno, Nevada
Mac AWS Kotlin

International Game Technology

Software Engineer 3
July 2017 - January 2024
Reno, Nevada

At IGT, I work in a fast-paced Agile development environment bringing premium slot machines to market.

  • Tools include C#, Unity Game Engine, Visual Studio IDE, Team City for DevOps, Code Collab for code reviews, Perforce for Version Control, JIRA Scrum Board, Confluence Wiki Pages
  • Responsibilities include mentoring new hires, participating in template game development, and leading engineering on projects.
  • Awards include 3-time IGT Spotlight Award Recipient; 4-first pass game submissions.
Windows Unity c#


University of Nevada, Reno

Masters of Buisness Administration MBA

August 2019 - May 2022
Reno, Nevada
Financial Reporting & Analysis Production and Operations Management Marketing Management Financial Management Chng Environment of Business Personal Branding Real Estate Finance Info & Comm Tech in Organizations Strategic Mgmt For Executives Management & Organization Science Management Org in Global Economy Value Creation & Measurement New Venture Creation Diversity in the Workplace

Oregon Insitute of Technology

Associate of Engineering, Computer Engineering Technology
September 2013 - June 2017
Klamath Falls, Oregon
C C++ c# Python Java SQL

Data Structures Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with C++ Algorithms Software Design Patterns Software Systems Testing UNIX Database Systems and Design Compilers Computer Networks omputer Architecture GUI Programming Engineering Management Web Dev ASP.NET Technical Report Writing Operating Systems Junior Progect (Agile Development) Senior Progect (Solo Development)